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Marvell 88EM8183 10W反激TRIAC调光LED驱动方案

2020-08-01 21:25:04  来源:八哥资讯网

    Marvell 公司的88EM8183是深调单级AC/DC LED驱动器,采用混合信号架构和信号处理技术,具有业界最高的调光范围,提供全范围调光和可吊光到1%.,效率高达90%,功率因速大于0.95,THD小于20%,同类产品中元件数最少,目标应用在A19,GU-10,PAR和BR灯,以及LED模块,聚光灯等.本文介绍了88EM8183优势,典型应用以及220VAC单级反激(A19)TRIAC调光LED驱动器开发板主要特性和电路图.

    Marvell公司的Marvell88EM8183,是深调光单级AC/DC LED驱动器集成电路,可用于离线可调光LED照明。通过Marvell的创新混合信号架构和信号处理技术,88EM8183可以提供全范围调光,可编程深调光可达1%,并具有最高的兼容性,兼容所有类型的断相调光器,包括,先进的(TRIAC),和后缘及特殊(SMART)调光器。它也显着降低了外部元件使用量,因此,使用电路板的空间要小于市场上其他可调光LED驱动器,可用于绝大多数外形的,照明灯和灯具的OEM和ODM的照明。


    此外,88EM8183 IC支持通用AC输入,和广泛的LED输出功率(几瓦到100W)。这种特性使得OEM和ODM照明大幅降低了设计上的难度,提高了运营效率(采用产品平台的方法),从而降低了LED灯和灯具SKU数量,并简化了库存管理。


    图1 88EM8183典型应用电路
















    ?翻新A19,GU -10,PAR和BR灯


    ? LED模块


    Marvell单级反激式(A19)调光LED驱动器评估板,用于评估Marvell88EM8183的性能。Marvell88EM8183是一个深度调光的单级AC/DC恒流控制器,用于更换离线LED灯和灯具。该评估套件包括,一个A19灯与一个Marvell的88EM8183驱动板,用于更换130V/300mA LED负载的60W灯泡,附加驱动板、快速入门指南、用户手册、设计文件、规格和测试报告开发。由于这个设计面向全球LED市场,它即可以用于高电压220VAC输入,也可以用于低电压110VAC输入。


    该评估板基于88EM8183 LED驱动器,它是一个深调光的单级AC/DC恒流控制器,用于离线可调光LED照明应用的设计。通过Marvell的创新混合信号架构和信号处理技术,88EM8183提供了1%的深度调光,具有广泛的(可控硅)调光器的兼容性。



    图2 220VAC10W反激TRIAC调光LED驱动器评估板电路图


    ? Marvell的设计文件







    ? EMI/


    The Marvell 88EM8183 deep dimming single stage AC/DC LED driver ingrated circuit (IC) is designed for offline dimmable LED lighng applicaons. Through Marvell’s innovave mixed-signal architecture and signal processing technology, 88EM8183 delive full range dimming with progmable deep dimming down to 1% and the highest compability with all types of phase-cut dimmers including leng-edge (TRIAC), trling-edge and special (smart) dimmers worldwide, It also signifitly reduces external components hence needs less board space than other dimmable LED drivers on the market allowing lighng OEMs and ODMs to bring LED lighting to most of lamp and fixture form factors.

    88EM8183 deploys the Quasi Resonant Control (QRC) and valley switching methods with Power Factor Correction (PFC) delivering up to 90 percent efficiency, power factor above 0.95 and lower than 20 percent total honics distortion, enabling lighting OEMs and ODMs to easily exceed ENERGY STAR and other regulation requirements.

    Moreover, the 88EM8183 IC supports universal AC input and a wide range of LED output wattages f a few watts up to 100 watts. This capability allows lighting OEMs and ODMs to atically reduce design efforts and improve operational efficiency by taking a product platform approach, which decreases the number of LED lamp and fixture SKUs and streamlines inventory management.


    ? Highest dimmer compatibility in industry

    - Compatible with vast majority of wall box dimmers

    - Fully comply with NEMA SSL 6 dimming standard

    ? Best dimming performance

    - Incandescent-like dimming experience: down to 1% deep dimming, no flicker, no shimmer

    ? High efficiency - up to 90%

    ? High power factor - > 0.95

    ? Low THD - <20%

    ? Lowest component count in its class

    - Eliminates opto-coupler and secondary feedback circuit

    - Eliminates startup power supply circuit

    - Eliminates dimmer bleeder circuit

    ? Smallest driver PCB space in its class

    Fits in majority of replacement bulb form factors


    Retrofit A19, GU-10, PAR, and BR la

    Downlight, recess, troffer and panel lights

    LED modules




    This Marvell? single-stage Flyback (A19) TRIAC-Dimmable LED driver evaluation kit has been developed for evaluating the performance of the Marvell 88EM8183, a deep dimming, single-stage AC/DC constant current controller for replacement of offline LED lamps and luminaires. The evaluation kit includes an A19 lamp with a Marvell 88EM8183 driver board developed for a 60W replacement lamp with a 30V/300mA LED load, an additional driver board, Quick Start Guide, User Manual, design files, transformer specification and test reports. As this design targets the global LED market, it can be ordered as either a high-voltage 220VAC input version or as a low-voltage 110VAC input version.

    The evaluation kit’s A19 lamp can be used to quickly verify the driver’s high level of dimmer compatibility. Further performance and evaluation tests can be conducted on the LED driver board, which can also provide the basis for product development.

    The evaluation kit is based on the 88EM8183 LED driver, a deep dimming single-stage AC/DC constant current controller, designed for offline dimmable LED lighting applications. Through Marvell’s innovative mixed-signal architecture and signal processing technology, 88EM8183 delivers down to 1% deep dimming and the highest compatibility with a wide range of wall box (TRIAC) dimmers.

    The primary side control topology eliminates the need to use opto-couplers and any other associated secondary feedback circuit, thus improving system reliability. The embedded digital core and analog circuit manages dimmer load requirements and thereby eliminates the need to use external bleeder circuits. In addition, 88EM8183 integrates a high voltage start up power supply circuit, hence eliminates the usage of external start up circuits. With its high level of integration, the 88EM8183 significantly reduces the external components required for a dimmable LED driver to 50% fewer than competitive solutions. This dramatic reduction in component count produces a small form-factor PCB enabling LED lighting adoption in cost and space challenged applications such as retrofit lamps.

    Evaluation kit files include:

    Marvell Design Files

    ? Schematic

    ? Gerber/Layout files

    ? Bill of materials (BOM)

    ? Transformer specification

    Test Reports

    ? Dimming Curve

    ? EMI/EMC

    ? Performance data














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